NHL Gambling: Lock, Dog, Parlay 9-12-2017

We didn’t hit on any of NHL gambling lock, dog, parlay’s. It happens, but we’re still about 50% accurate.

Our success rate overall our picks from locks, to dogs to our parlays is just over 50%. It’s obviously hit and miss. But look for free picks that’s pretty good.

I used to write for a site that experts had to hit 65% accuracy. And that was a paid service. Like 30$ a day paid service. And we give it to you for free 99. You’re welcome.

mitch Mitch

Lock (-220) cbj
Dog (+155) VGK
Parlay   cgy-165 sjs-170 col+120

harper Harper

Lock (-170) sjs
Dog (-140) fla
Parlay  mtl -155 stl-140 bos-145


Lock (-220) cbj
Dog (+135) edm
Parlay  fla-140 nyr-160 dal-175



NHL Gambling: Lock Dog Parlay 2-12-2017

It’s been two weeks where one of us has maximized their NHL gambling picks by getting two of their three team parlays 100% right. It’s never been done in Ridin’ Pine history before.

In a truly groundbreaking feet – for us at least – Darcy “The Agent” has both of his last two NHL gambling three-team parlays 100% right. We’ve hit on our parlay’s before, just not in consecutive weeks.

That’s what Darcy did. And he won’t let it go. To be fair to him, it’s impressive. I’m impressed and so should you.

So take note of our picks (and maybe Darcy’s specifically) this week.

mitch Mitch

Lock (-140) cgy
Dog (+100) arz
Parlay   pit-230 fla +125 ana+180

harper Harper

Lock (+100) stl
Dog (-140) wsh
Parlay  mtl -165 tor-140 njd-120


Lock (-230) pit
Dog (+130) edm
Parlay  mtl-165 fla +125 bos-110

NHL Gambling: Lock, Dog, Parlay November 18th, 2017

This weekends NHL Gambling edition of Lock, Dog, Parlay features everyone going pretty chalk. Especially Darcy.

Every weekend we provide you something different for your NHL Gambling needs. That’s right needs.

Not only will we give you our DraftKings Daily Fantasy lineup for Saturday games, But We give you each our lock for the night, a dog we think can win, and a three-team parlay to, hopefully, make some cash this weekend.

Of the three guys, Mitch took the biggest risk. But to be fair that’s simply because none of his favorites were -185 on the night.

Let us know how you fare this weekend!

mitch Mitch

Lock (-140) lak
Dog (+160) nyi
Parlay (+585) buf +140 pit -150 stl -140

harper Harper

Lock (-185) tbl
Dog (+100) mtl
Parlay (+452) pit -150 min+115 nsh-185


Lock (-200) ott
Dog (+125) bos
Parlay (+375) dal-125 lak -140 nsh-185


NHL Gambling: Lock, Dog, Parlay November 11th, 2017

Every Saturday we give you a new angle for NHL gambling with our lock, dog, parlays. After a parlay win last week Mitch is hoping to keep the streak going.

Betting on a single game is ok. It’s easy but ok. But on Saturday nights the NHL schedule a ton of games. And we’d be insane not to try and string some NHL gambling parlay’s together.

So that’s exactly what we did with our lock dog parlay segment.

Every week Darcy, Harper, and Mitch give you a Lock (a guaranteed winner), a Dog (an underdog that is a guaranteed winner), and a three-team parlay.

Last week Mitch got his parlay dead right with a call for Washington, Colorado, and Arizona to win. But looking at his picks this week he’s gone all chalk.

mitch Mitch

Lock (-160) stl
Dog (-145) bos
Parlay (+356) njd -135 sjs -190 car -140

harper Harper

Lock (+205)* ott
Dog (-105) det
Parlay (+537) nyi +140 phi-130 mtl-200


Lock (-190) sjs
Dog (+115) fla
Parlay (+1013) det-105 win -115 ott+205*

*early game. Had to bet live


NHL Gambling Lock, Dog, Parlay: October 21st

Our fan favorite segment is back. Not only are we going to give you a bet of the night every weekday, but you get a beauty Lock, Dog, Parlay for your NHL gambling fix.

So how does this NHL gambling segment actually work? Unlike during the week where we give you a singular bet of the night, on Saturday’s we’ll each give you a lock, a dog, and a three-team parlay.

It’s that easy!

Pine Rider Lock Dog 1 2 3