NHL Gambling: Lock, Dog, Parlay 20-01-2018

If you’re new to NHL gambling lets introduce you to how we get our lines for our Saturday lock, dog and parlays.

To understand how the line moves in NHL gambling you’ve got to know where it starts. The opening line is what you’re looking for. It’s the line that’s set the moment bets can be placed on an event.

We won’t discuss how a line moves up or down in this post, but just where to go to see where the line starts.

We use VegasInsider.com. When you bet on a game, like say Bodog.com you dont get the opening lines. You get a few other things but not the one thing to show how the line has moved if at all.

Vegas Insider lays out the opening line to the game the second it becomes available (for all you keeners out there). So if you’re looking to get the story of who the betting line moved, this is the resource you want to consult.

mitch Mitch

Lock (-135)  edm
Dog (+105)  nyr
Parlay   stl-230 nsh-190 pit+105

harper Harper

Lock (-160)  dal
Dog (+135)  mtl
Parlay  chi -155 tbl-125 edm-175


Lock (-190)  nsh
Dog (+155)  van
Parlay  stl-230 car-115 dal-160



NHL Gambling: Lock, Dog, Parlay, 13-01-2018

We’re into week number 12 of our NHL gambling lock, dog, parlay and we keep getting better. We collected two extra parlay wins last week. Long may that form last.

Last week was a fantastic week for our NHL gambling Lock, Dog, Parlay. Mitch got his second straight flush and Harper picked up his second parlay victory of the season. Darcy…well Darcy tried at least.

This week, we try again to recapture that form. Add our Bet Of The Night form that stands at 75% accurate and we’re lookin’ pretty.

Joining us for a second week in a row is the Commissioner of our NHL fantasy league Ray Walden!

mitch Mitch

Lock (-135)  lak
Dog (+200)  arz
Parlay   nyi+110 VGK-220 min-145

harper Harper

Lock (-220)  VGK
Dog (+120)  mtl
Parlay   sjs-220 pit-185 win+125


Lock (-220)  sjs
Dog (+160)  det
Parlay  VGK-220 dal-200 bos+140

Special Guest: Ray Walden, Comish

Lock (-135)  lak
Dog (+160)  det
Parlay   VGK-220 nyi+110 bos+140


NHL Gambling: Saturday Lock, Dog, Parlay

For this Saturday’s edition of Lock, Dog, Parlay, we have ourselves a special guest that’s getting into the NHL gambling hot seat with us.

Our Fantasy league Commissioner Ray Walden has joined us for this weeks edition of our NHL gambling Lock, Dog, Parlay.

Ray has done a fantastic job gifting the league to Mitch and making sure that Harper no longer has Jonathan Drouin on his roster. He’s also done a fantastic job of keeping us in check with his Vegas Golden Knights fandom. No longer can we toss shade on his favourite team.

mitch Mitch

Lock (-230)  tor
Dog (-115)  phi
Parlay  nyr -140 bos-160 col+115

harper Harper

Lock (-105)  stl
Dog (+170)  ott
Parlay   dal-145 bos-160 tor-230


Lock (-160)  bos
Dog (+110)  arz
Parlay  tbl-200 stl-105 dal-145

Special Guest: Ray Walden, Comish, ESQ

Lock (-105)  stl
Dog (+110)  arz
Parlay   tbl-200 min-135 nshEVEN


NHL Gambling: Lock, Dog, Parlay 23-12-2017

Are you ready for Christmas everyone? you better be it’s only two days away. As we get ready, here is our NHL gambling Lock, Dog Parlay for the last Saturday before the holiday.

Last week Darcy once again got his parlay right. That bumps him up to a 33% on his NHL gambling Parlay success rate. Pretty darn good. But I guess when you go full chalk it’s a bit easier to do. (That’s right Darcy. Maybe take a risk.)

Not only do I give you our picks, but it’s been nine weeks of Parlays so I thought I’d give you our success rate as well.

Beside our names is our overall success. That’s locks, dogs, and the success rate of our individual picks in our parlays. In the brackets next to the Locks, Dogs, and Parlays is their individual success rate. So take your pick as to who you follow.

Suggestion: See Harps for a lock (63%), Mitch for dogs (63%), and Darcy for a good parlay pick with his 33%.

mitch Mitch [60%]

Lock (-265) [38%] tbl
Dog (+190) [63%] buf
Parlay [25%]  cbj-200 bos-200 wsh+130

harper Harper [50%]

Lock (+160) [63%] mtl
Dog (+190) [38%] buf
Parlay [0%]  VGK-135 tbl-265 stl-155

darcynewDarcy [50%]

Lock (-155) [63%] stl
Dog (+130) [38%] wsh
Parlay [33%] edm-185 chi-115 cbj-200

NHL Gambling: Lock Dog Parlay 16-12-2017

Last week we only dropped only four of our 15 picks. That’s a 73% success rate on our NHL gambling picks.

We were told at the start of the season that NHL gambling wasn’t a possible practice. You can’t make money gambling on the NHL. We’ll where the haters now?

Hitting 73% of our picks over the weekend is a great accomplishment. Lead by none-other than Mitch “The Expert” Anderson. The quotations are on purpose. We all know what type of expert he is.

To try and keep up the momentum here are the boys picks for this Saturday’s game.

mitch Mitch

Lock (-170) pit
Dog (+120) win
Parlay   cbj-110 nsh-110 ana+130

harper Harper

Lock (+120) lak
Dog (+150) arz
Parlay  mtl -105 dal+100 tbl-175


Lock (-110) cbj
Dog (+155) col
Parlay  pit-170 phi-120 wsh-150