NHL Playoffs: Marc-Andre Fleury Winning Conn Smythe

Could Vegas Golden Knights Marc-Andre Fleury win the NHL Playoffs MVP even if his team loses the cup finals? Yes.

The Vegas Golden Knights are going to the NHL Playoffs Stanley Cup final. In their first year. And the biggest reason for it is the man between the pipes; Marc-Andre Fleury.

With his 0.947 SV% and 1.68 GAA, Fleury is absolutely killing it in the postseason for the expansion Knights. But the question is, could he win if the Knights still lose in the finals?

Glenn Hall was in the exact same situation as Fleury was back in 1968. Hall led the expansion St. Louis Blues to the cup finals where they were swept by the powerhouse Canadiens.

In 1968 Hall put up a .916 SV% and 2.44 GAA in 18 playoff games for the expansion Blues. And he was awarded the Conn Smythe, regardless of being swept in the finals.

That’s precedence holmes.

Even if the Vegas Golden Knights lose the Stanley Cup finals, Marc-Andre Fleury can win the Conn Smythe. Something he was never going to do in Pittsburgh under the shadow of Sidney Crosby.



NHL Relegation: It’s the Best Way To End Tanking

Can a Soccer like relegation system work in the NHL? If it prevented tanking would you consider it?

We all hate tanking in the NHL. It feels cheap and it doesn’t seem to do the sport justice losing “on-purpose” just can’t happen. While there isn’t a rule in place today to prevent tanking, what if the NHL added one; like relegation.

For those that watch soccer you already know what we’re talking about. We’re talking about a few teams at the bottom of the league get demoted to the lower league. Could it actually work in the NHL?

This season in the British Premier League, Stoke City, West Bromwich Albion and Swansea City were all relegated. All had been mainstays in the premier league for years. Stoke has been in the top flight for ten years, West Brom for 12 and Swansea for seven.

They all changed their managers to try and push their teams up the table to avoid the drop. And all spent big money on players. West Brom spent nearly 47 million while Swansea, thanks to a 44 million move for Icelandic Gylfi Sigurdsson actually made some money.

The idea here, is that all three tried to remain competitive and still got the drop. Imagine where the Arizona Coyotes would be if they got the drop after a stinking season. Or where the Buffalo Sabres would be after they blatantly tanked to get McDavid (and failed). Or how about the heralded Maple Leafs?

NHL 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Conn Smythe Favorites

Were only in the Conference Finals of the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, but who should be the Conn Smythe favorite at this point?

Sidney Crosby has won the Conn Smythe trophy for the last two seasons. For the last two years, Crosby was declared the most valuable player in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. This year won’t have a chance at a three-peat.

So who takes it in 2018? Could it be either Alex Ovechkin or Steven Stamkos?


Alex Ovechkin | Washington Capitals

With 17 points in 13 playoff games, Alex Ovechkin has finally led his team to the conference finals. Something that he hasn’t be able to do in his NHL career. He was also the primary reason the Capitals were finally able to get past the Pittsburgh Penguins. If you’re looking for narrative and right of passage, he deserves the Playoff MVP Award.

Steven Stamkos | Tampa Bay Lightning

Stamkos is a huge reason the Tampa Bay Lightning were able to shake off that crushing game one defeat to the Boston Bruins in the second round. With four points in the final three games of the series, Stamkos pushed his team to four straight wins over the Bruins and book the Lightning’s third trip to the conference finals in four years. Without him, the Lightning might be on the golf course rather than fighting for a Stanley Cup.

NHL Sign, Trade, Waive: The Swedish, Russian, Free Agents

If you had to sign, trade, or waive one of three NHL players, who would you pick and why?

On this week’s show we tried out a new feature called Sign, Trade, Waive. Where we ask each other, and you, what NHL player you’d sign, which one you’d trade away, and which one you’d waive? It sounds easy, but when you’re confronted with the question and three really good NHL players it’s anything but.

This week we all had a trio of players and all had a theme:

mitchMitch – Unrestricted Free Agents

James van Riemsdyk | Toronto Maple Leafs
Evander Kane | San Jose Sharks
David Perron | Vegas Golden Knights

All three have similar output, are of similar age, and are at similar crossroads in their NHL careers. Which one do you keep? And which one is worthless?

harperHarper – Swedish Defensemen

Oliver Ekman-Larsson | Arizona Coyotes
Victor Hedman | Tampa Bay Lightning
Erik Karlsson | Ottawa Senators

If you had to pick a number one Swedish defenseman who would take from the three? Even if you waive OEL, you still have to make a decision between Karlsson and Hedman. Which do you value more?

darcynewDarcy – Russian Big Name Forwards

Nikita Kucherov | Tampa Bay Lightning
Evgeni Malkin | Pittsburgh Penguins
Alex Ovechkin | Washington Capitals

Kucherov has the youth. But Ovie has the cannon of a shot and the body of a beast. And Malkin is just good at everything. Literally everything. So which one do you waive?

2009 NHL Entry Draft Redo

If you could redraft the 2009 NHL Draft. Who would be your top five picks? Would John Tavares stay at number one, or does Victor Hedman jump up?

We decided we’d re-draft the 2009 NHL Entry Draft. Why? Because some of these guys are out of contract and headed to unrestricted free agent territory. So are they worth what they will ultimately be graded on; their draft status?

Watch our video below for our top five picks in the 2009 NHL Draft:

Don’t believe me that draft status matters? Why do you think the Edmonton Oilers paid a first round and a second round pick for Griffin Reinhart to the New York Islanders? Because they untested defenseman was a fourth overall pick.

There’s also the notion that Edmonton GM Peter Chiarelli isn’t the greatest at his job. But the argument stands, draft status matters. So how would we redraft the top five.

Who falls out isn’t’ as important as who jumps up into the mix.







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