Ridin’ Pine is a podcast dedicated to the three major food groups: hockey, beer, and gambling. Every week the guys open a Beau’s craft beer and shoot the puck back and forth on some hockey talk. Opinions, news, guests, hot takes, and some equally hot gambling takes.

We do it all.

Tune in wherever you get your podcast and get your weekly dose of NHL news and get ready for a big gambling day on Saturday.

mitchMitch “The Expert”

OG since day one. Mitch started the whole thing. Tired of just writing his hockey opinions online he decided he’d find some guys who’d want to get in front of a mic. And so Ridin Pine Show was born.

Mitch is co-Expert for Eyes On Isles a fan blog about the New York Islanders. Why the Islanders? Who knows. He says it’s something about living in Vanier, but we think it has more to do with his deep love of Josh Bailey and John Tavares.

Mitch calls himself the expert, even though he isn’t. We just don’t have the heart to tell him otherwise. Don’t tell him either.

harper Harper “The GM”

Harper is the other OG for the pod. Here since day one, he was the first to answer Mitch’s call to the mic. A Blue-Blanc-Rouge wearing foodie. Harper is as apt to talk your ear off about Shea Weber’s slap shot as he is a Ruben sandwich.

When Harper isn’t talking your ear off about what moves Habs GM Marc Bergevin needs to make to bring the cup back to Montreal he’s on the greens hitting Top Flights to the moon.

At last count, Harper had 1,000,000 children. Our working suspicion, this is how Harper gets to live his dream of being a Habs GM by being the GM at home.

darcynewDarcy “The Agent”

Darcy is the new man on campus. Joining up in 2017 “The Agent” has brought some Rain Man type knowledge to the show. Seriously, quiz him on Stanley Cup winners. He’ll beat anyone on a Stanley Cup quiz. Anyone. His words.

Darcy doesn’t represent players. That’s not what the names about. He doesn’t know the ins and outs of the NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement, but he can set you up with a really nice high ranch in a great neighbourhood close to schools and amenities.