By going to the 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Finals, we all owe the Vegas Golden Knights a sincere apology for doubting them.

None of us like admitting when we’ve done something wrong. None of us like to admit a mistake. But in doubting the Vegas Golden Knights we did just that. And for it, we’re sorry.

At the start of the 2017-18 NHL season, no one thought that the Vegas Golden Knights would exceed 100 points. They did it with a 51-24-7 record for 109 points. They also made the playoffs with that record. Something no one thought they could do in year number one. And something 30 other franchises are extremely jealous of.

And then when they got to the playoffs everyone thought it would be a cute story and be over in four games. No one thought the Vegas Golden Knights could get by the Los Angeles Kings.

They did. In fact, they swept the Kings in four straight games. And the doubting didn’t end.

The Golden Knights took on an established San Jose Sharks team in round two, and everyone thought they couldn’t make it. They were wrong.  The Knights won in six games.

Then came the second best team in the Western Conference, the high flying Winnipeg Jets. The Knights downed them in five.

So here we are, in the Stanley Cup finals, and the Vegas Golden Knights are at least four games away from winning the Stanley Cup in year one of their existence. It’s a remarkable story and one we’re frankly sorry we got so very wrong.

…Although to be fair. There’s no way they beat the Capitals in the finals.


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