If you could redraft the 2009 NHL Draft. Who would be your top five picks? Would John Tavares stay at number one, or does Victor Hedman jump up?

We decided we’d re-draft the 2009 NHL Entry Draft. Why? Because some of these guys are out of contract and headed to unrestricted free agent territory. So are they worth what they will ultimately be graded on; their draft status?

Watch our video below for our top five picks in the 2009 NHL Draft:

Don’t believe me that draft status matters? Why do you think the Edmonton Oilers paid a first round and a second round pick for Griffin Reinhart to the New York Islanders? Because they untested defenseman was a fourth overall pick.

There’s also the notion that Edmonton GM Peter Chiarelli isn’t the greatest at his job. But the argument stands, draft status matters. So how would we redraft the top five.

Who falls out isn’t’ as important as who jumps up into the mix.







Duche.jpg OEL.jpg OEL.jpg


Oreilly.jpg Duche.jpg Duche.jpg


Hoffman.jpg kane.jpg ellis.jpg

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