We welcomed Montreal Canadiens and NHL legend Chirs “Knuckles” Nilan to the show for a sit down about Boston sports, the Canadiens, and Ottawa Clowns.

Harper was on cloud nine the entire show as we got to speak to his childhood idol and Montreal Canadiens legendary player Chris “Knuckles” Nilan.

To some of our younger audience, Nilan was, well, known for fighting. That was his thing. The nickname probably already gave that away. But Knuckles wasn’t just a fighter. He could play as well. He was no Guy Lafleur, but he belonged in the league. He earned his minutes.

That’s often a misconception of the era that Knuckles played in. It was often thought that players who tended to fight were over glorified street fighters. That wasn’t the case as Knuckles makes clear.

On Boston and Marchand

Being from Boston, we asked Nilan for his thoughts on the current Bruins, if he identifies as a Boston fan, and how he feels about Brad Marchand. A player Darcy would eventually call “King of Rats”.

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