Our 2018 NHL Stanley Cup brackets are worth following, either to bet on or to simply laugh at when it’s all said and done.

Official Ridin’ Pine Show Commissioner Ray Walden created our little 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Bracket Challenge group on NHL.com. And we all submitted our picks. None are outrageous, but some of us made some surprising selections.

mitch MITCH

He’s our “expert” but after looking at his picks his credentials need to be checked. First, he took the Washington Capitals to win the entire thing. Since when has that happened? Never. The answer is never. Mitch said in our most recent show that “…they got to win eventually.” Do they Mitch?

Hot Take: Golden Knights over Kings, eh? Wow.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 10.11.05 PM.png

harper HARPER

Harper put his money where his mouth is on his “The Cup Is Comming To Canada” claim. The man with the clan put the Winnipeg Jets to take the Cup. It’s not a bad pick. They had an outstanding season. But to get past literally the best team in the league in the Nashville Predators is going to be tough.

Hot Take: Harper has Washington taking out Pittsburgh. Mitch isn’t the only one with faith in the Caps.

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 10.14.45 PM.png


Leave it to the Agent to go as chalk as possible. Wait! He picked the Golden Knights to get bounced in the first round. Not looking good for him so far. But everything else is pure chalk. He even followed the “Washington can’t beat Pittsburgh” narrative.

Hot Take: How? It’s pure chalk!

darcy brackett.jpeg


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