Amongst other things Darcy and Mitch debated who was the greatest goal scorer in NHL history, era adjusted. Darcy feels like it was Ovie, Mitch went all homer with Mike Bossy.

Listen to our latest NHL podcast and decide for yourself. who was the greatest goal scorer to ever play in the NHL? Consider that different era’s had different rates of goal scoring.

When Mike Bossy (and Wayne Gretzky) played, clutching, hooking, and doing just about anything to stop an attacking player was essentially legal. Making it incredibly difficult to score a goal.

With that being said goalies have made leaps and bounds since the 70’s. Which is why goal scoring totals are way down from 30 years ago. So does that make Alex Ovechkin better, considering he’s playing now when it’s arguably harder to score goals?

What Else Do We Talk About?

We don’t just argue for an hour. We talk about other NHL topics.

First, we bring on Mitch Gallo from TSN 690 to talk about les Canadiens de Montréal. We (mainly Harper) need to know what’s going on with the Habs. How did the deadline go for them exactly?

We give you our winners and losers from the trade deadline based on our own definitions of “winning”. Mitch says it’s achieving a goal right now and now in the future, like getting closer to winning a cup. Remember, no one wins the Cup in February

And lastly, we give you our picks for Saturday games!


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