Today is Gruit day, and in celebration of all things Gruit our featured craft beer is Beau’s All Natural Lambs Wool. There’s no wool, no lamb, but its got apple and cinnamon and its all kinds of delicious.

Today is Gruit day. And craft brewers and craft beer consumers all gather to celebrate Gruit Ales. If you don’t know what a Gruit Ale is, don’t worry. I’ll explain

Gruit Ales are simply unhoped beers. As in hops aren’t used in the brewing process. Instead, brewers used a mixture of herbs. What herbs were us depended on the mixture that the brewer used. Which according to was mandatory and enforced by the church:

Many centuries ago (pre-1000 CE) most beers in Europe were brewed without the use of hops. Instead, bitterness was provided by a mixture called gruit (German for “herb”), a secretive and expensive blend of herbs and spices, sold only to brewers by the local “gruit right” holder. Brewing with gruit was mandatory, as enforced by the church and the state.

My introduction to Gruit Ales was Beau’s Tyrannosaurus Gruit from a year ago. Honestly, I wasn’t a fan. I don’t think it was the beers fault, I like beets in my borscht and that’s it.

So when Beau’s gave us their Lamb’s Wool Gruit to try I wasn’t stoked. Call it an unfair association. I wasn’t excited to try it. I heard gruit and immediately I thought of the T-Gruit ale that I did not like.

All Gruits Are Not The Same

As always I’ll let Beau’s describe it’s own product here:

Lamb’s Wool pours copper with white foam. The aroma introduces a classic combo of apples and spice. The flavor is pleasantly tart and slightly warming, with fruit and pepper notes. The finish is clean and tangy.

You taste the apple and cinnamon right away with Lamb’s Wool. It’s not overpowering, you just taste it. It’s there immediately, but then it kind of goes away with the rest of the beer. Leaving you with a really refreshing taste. I guess that’s the clean and tangy finish.

Imagine that?! Not all gruits are the same? I liked it. Since our initial trial, I’ve bought it twice. Harper loves it. It’s his new favorite beer.

For all of you suffering from “hops-isn’t-my-thing” gruit ales are for you. With a 10 IBU, you get a smooth good tasting beer. Better yet, with the cold not yet gone, you can turn Lamb’s Wool into a nice warm drink to keep you toasty.

So cheers to Beau’s. Cheers to gruit on its international day. And cheers to you.


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