There isn’t any NHL regular season action this week. So instead we’re going to place a bet on what division will win the 2018 NHL All-Star Game.

On account of the 2018 NHL All-Star game we couldn’t pick a Lock, Dog, Parlay like we normally do. Instead, we all took a division in this Sunday’s game. If we win, bragging rights. If we lose we’re gonna be sent out in the cold.

There are only three of us, but four divisions in the NHL. So each one of us took a division. (Darcy wasn’t around so we gave him one for him).

Harper | Atlantic Division

AKA: The Tampa Bay Lightning and a bunch of other players that are playing well this year).

Mitch | Metropolitan Division

The division where it’s impossible to figure out if all the teams are really good, or just OK. Also its the division with his Islanders so there’s probably a little bias there.

Darcy | Pacific Division

We don’t know why we gave him the Pacific Division over the Central. Maybe its so he has to cheer for the Golden Knights who he famously stated would win two games in December. They won eleven. Including a seven-game unbeaten run to end the month.

That leaves the Central Division. If the Central Division wins the tournament we all agreed (Darcy didn’t but he will) to sit in snow up to our armpits and declare the Central the best of them all.

We’ll film it. Post it on our YouTube channel and across all of our social media platforms for all to see.

So if any of our picks win, we can stay nice and warm. But if P.K.Subban and his band of All-Stars can win the entire thing we gonna get real cold.


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