This week our Beaus All Natural Craft Brewery Craft Beer is Kissmeyer Nordic Pale Ale. A beauty golden pale ale that’s nice an easy to drink.

Say what you want about your craft beer, but all you want is for it to taste good and go down easy. Now those two qualities are entirely subjective, but Kissmeyes should be unobjectively that beer for you this weekend.

There’s nothing not too like about this beer. From its perfectly golden colour to its balanced taste. Kissmeyer is absolutely perfect.

It’s “strong” but it’s not going to knock you off your seat with its 5.6% alcohol level. And the 30 IBU should be hoppy enough for all you craft enthusiasts.

What Does Beau’s Say?

As always we like to let Beau’s speak for its own product a bit:

Nordic Pale Ale is a pioneering style for Kissmeyer, intended to fuse the best in modern brewing techniques with ingredients that reflect Nordic and Canadian traditions.

Kissmeyer Nordic Pale Ale is a medium-bodied pale ale, dry for the style, with balanced low to medium bitterness.

If you’re new to craft beers, this brew is perfect for you. It’s got a mix of fruit and herbal aromas, but it’s inaccessible to those who aren’t looking to get into Hop-city USA right now.

You can get this brew anywhere you buy your Beau’s beer. And trust me, if you haven’t tried it yet you’ll want to ASAP.


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