Here’s our list of snubs from every NHL team for the 2018 NHL All-Star Game. It’s long, but it’s a good read.

Did you favourite NHL team send the wrong guy to the 2018 NHL All-Star game? We’re you hoping they’d reward the teams best player or a player with a good reason to be there, but the league didn’t agree?

It’s likely. So we compiled a list of players that the NHL should have called up from every NHL team. We even give you our reasons. That’s how transparent we are here at Ridin Pine.

Edmonton Oilers: Cam Talbot
Named: Connor McDavid (Pacific Captain)

Is there a way to give a player a nod for last years performance? Is that a thing? Cause no one but Connor McDavid deserves an All-Star nod on this team. But after a 42 win season with a 2.49 GAA and .919 SV% the man deserves some love for what he did.

Tampa Bay Lightning: Tyler Johnson
Named: Steven Stamkos, Nikita Kucherov, Andrei Vasilevskiy, Victor Hedman

It’s hard to say that a player from Tampa might have been snubbed. With four players already named to the All-Star game there’s no way you can argue for a fifth. And then you realized how good Tyler Johnson has been since the month of December.

Vegas Golden Knights: Jonathan Marchesseault
Named: Marc-Andre Fleury

Why did they name a player that’s played 12 games? Because he waved his no-trade clause which allowed him to be taken by the Golden Knights in the expansion draft? Is the league just paying it forward to him? If you think they are (we do), then see our entry for the Anaheim Ducks.

New York Islanders: Mathew Barzal
Named: John Tavares, Josh Bailey

It makes sense that the Islanders don’t get more than two representatives going to the All-Star. They’re not in a playoff spot, they aren’t winning their division. They might not even make the post-season. But this team has three all-stars on it. John Tavares, Josh Bailey and Mathew Barzal.

Anaheim Ducks: Andrew Cogliano
Named: Rikard Rackell

This one’s for Darcy. I know how much he loves milestone, and after I saw how much this ironman streak mean to Cogliano I feel like the NHL owes him. What Cogliano did was not suspendable. Should he have been penalized on the play? Sure. Two minutes for interference. But two-games…for that? Please.

Montréal Canadiens: Alex Galchenyuk
Named: Carey Price

Of course, Carey Price gets the nod. Who else could? How about Alex Galchenyuk? The third-round pick only leads the team in points. To be fair its only 26 points in 44 games. But then again, Carey Price’s .908 and 2.95 GAA isn’t much better.

New Jersey Devils: Corey Schneider
Named: Taylor Hall

You can’t, CAN’T, argue that Taylor Hall deserves to go to the All-Star game. He’s the main reason this team is where it is right now. How does Peter Chiarelli feel now? But how about Corey Schneider for All-Star consideration? The man has been the only bright spot for a team that is just finally emerging from the ashes of those early 2000’s teams.

Carolina Hurricanes: Sebastian Aho
Named: Noah Hanifin

Aho only leads the team in points with 37 in 45 games played. Noah Hanifin is a good player and all, but an All-Star? I know the NHL has to send someone from every team, but Hanifin seems like an odd choice. He’s not even a big name that you can sell like a PK Subban. Why Hanifin? To make up numbers on the Metro’s blueline? That seems like a bad reason to name someone to an All-Star game.

Calgary Flames: Mike Smith
Named: Johnny Gaudreau

With 54 points in 45 games, Johnny Hockey is on pace for one of these years. Award-winning years. But how about Mike Smith? The 35-year-old goalie is having an outstanding year after everyone laughed at Calgary picked up the former Arizona netminder. With a 20-13-3 record with a 2.46 GAA and 0.924 SV% Smith has helped pushed this Calgary team into the postseason picture after the failed Brian Elliott experiment. That deserves something, no?

Boston Bruins: David Pasternak
Named: Brad Marchand

Why are we still rewarding Brad Marchand? Why because of points? We saw that isn’t the case with the NHL sending Noah Hanifin. So why send a guy whose been a repeat offender for the DOPS? Send David Pasternak instead and send a better message to those watching.

Colorado Avalanche: Alex Kerfoot
Named: Nathan MacKinnon

Can we not name rookies to this competition? This isn’t to say that McKinnon doesn’t deserve to go. He absolutely does, but Alex Kerfoot has been fantastic for the Avalanche. The former college player that joined the Avs as an unrestricted free agent has been a quality addition for a team well short on quality.

Nashville Predators: Filip Forsberg
Named: PK Subban (Central Captain), Pekka Rinne

You have to send PK because he was voted in. And because he’s the league, THE LEAGUES, most marketable player. And Pekka Rinne has been good, but Pekka got his chance in Nashville even though he didn’t deserve it. How about we sent a player who might deserve the nod. Like Filip Forsberg? The Swede has just been one of the Preds better players for the last few years. Why not give him a nod? He only leads the team in points after all.

Philadelphia Flyers: Jacob Voracek
Named: Claude Giroux

Philly has been a mess when it comes to All-Star nominations. Wayne Simmons last season? And now this year Claude Giroux heads to the games while Jakob Voracek sits out with his league-leading 45 assists. Sure, Giroux has one more point than his teammate, but Giroux ain’t leading the league in any department last I checked.

Dallas Stars: Jamie Benn
Named: John Klingberg, Tyler Seguin

Benn leads the team in points, he also just generally leads the team with that ‘C’ on his jersey. But yet Seguin and Klingberg go. I get it. Seguin is a more marketable star and Klingberg is a lock to be a Norris finalist. But you know, Benn is the better player. So naturally, he stays in Dallas

Pittsburgh Penguins: Phil Kessel
Named: Sidney Crosby, Kris Letang

Phil Kessel isn’t going to the All-Star game. On the surface that doesn’t sound like a big deal. The NHL loves to hate on big Phil. Some of still think he got snubbed out of the 2016 Conn Smythe. And now Phil isn’t going because, oh you know, he only leads the Penguins with 54. I hope Crosby drops out so Phile can go.

Los Angeles Kings: Tyler Toffoli
Named: Drew Doughty, Anze Kopitar, Jonathan Quick

Why does LA get three players and Anze Kopitar is one of them? If we’re talking about marketable stars captain eyebags isn’t one of them. Sure send quick and Doughty. But how about former Ottawa 67’s Tyler Toffoli? It’s hard to justify him and three other so how about we leave Anze at home and let him get the rest he clearly seems to need.

San Jose Sharks: Joe Pavelski
Named: Brent Burns

We understand that Brent Burns is the flair of the San Jose Sharks. He’s got the whole Encino man thing going on. But Joe Pavelski is the heart of this team. We can’t say he deserves to go over Burns. But in a Pacific division that is quite short on quality, he’s a cut above some of those named.

St. Louis Blues: Vladimir Tarasenko
Named: Brayden Schenn, Alex Pietrangelo

Brayden Schenn? BRAYDEN SCHENN?! We understand that his move to St. Louis has completely rejuvenated his career. But in naming him the second most prolific goal scorer since 2014 Vladimir Tarasenko stays at home. How is that remotely justifiable?

New York Rangers: Mats Zuccarello
Named: Henrik Lundqvist

When will the myth of Henrik Lundqvist go away? (Maybe when he starts getting bad…guess I answered that one on my own.) Look, if the NHL is going to reward players for leading their team in points then how about giving some love to the diminutive Norwegian?

Columbus Blue Jackets: Sergei Bobrovsky
Named: Seth Jones

Another casualty of the Henrik Lundqvist love affair is Columbus’ Sergei Bobrovsky. With a .920 SV% and 2.43 GAA Bobrovsky is the sole reason the Blue Jackets win on some nights. Even Holtby, who’s had a down year could and should have been replaced by Bobs.

Ottawa Senators: Mike Stone (may be injured)
Named: Erik Karlsson

Karlsson is not having a good year. By other defenseman’s standard sure. But by his lofty heights, no way. Mark Stone, on the other hand, is likely going to have his most productive season. He’s already at 44 points in 44 games. But I guess you have to send established stars over good players.

Winnipeg Jets: Mark Scheifele (injured)
Named: Blake Wheeler, Connor Hellebuyck

We spent some time looking at the Jets roster to come up with a name. Both Wheeler and Hellebuyck are great appointments. But if we had to pick someone else it would be Scheifele. Sure he’s injured, but he was on pace for a point per game before that happened.

Detroit Red Wings: Dylan Larkin
Named: Mike Green

Mike Green has 26 points in 46 games. It’s a respectable number, but it’s far from All-Star worthy. Are they sending him because of his power play prowess? They know those don’t happen at the All-Star? So how about send Dylan Larkin who leads the Red Wings with 36 points and who could be an interesting challenger for Connor McDavid in the fastest skater challenge?

Minnesota Wild: Mikael Granlund
Named: Eric Staal

Is the NHL just trying to send players they’ve sent before? Sure, Staal leads the team in points with 40 in 47 games, but Granlund has 36 in 42. Granlund is 25 to Staal’s 33. Why not start establishing new stars in the league rather than keep sending the same old names? Cause it’s easy? If anyone watches “This Is Us” doing something cause it’s easier doesn’t’ always end well.

Buffalo Sabres: Evander Kane
Named: Jack Eichel

Even on one of the worst teams in the league, there’s still a choice. Kane makes a better All-Star this season than Eichel. Yes, Eichel is the captain and probably won’t get in trouble. But Kane is the best player on this team. And if anything it might even up his trade value to a second first round pick to go with the laundry list of assets the Sabres are asking for.

Toronto Maple Leafs: William Nylander
Named: Auston Matthews

From a marketing standpoint sending Auston Matthews. He’s a kid from the desert. With the Golden Knights now in the league, and killing it, the NHL has to keep the momentum going by plugging his upbringing in the unlikeliest of surroundings. But how about William Nylander who has 42 points already on the season? It’s less than Matthews, but the kid has shown he’s a top quality player. So why not spare us all the “He came from the desert to lead Canada tot he cup” narrative, please?

Washington Capitals: Niklas Backstrom
Named: Alex Ovechkin (Metro Captain), Brayden Holtby

Why is Brayden Holtby going to the All-Star game? It’s not like he’s having himself a good year. With a .916SV% and 2.70GAA he isn’t even the best goalie on his team, let alone the entire division. So send Backstrom. He’s done enough heavy lifting for this franchise that he deserves a nod even when he isn’t exactly himself on the scoresheet.

Vancouver Canucks: Bo Horvat (injured)
Named: Brock Boeser

When did we start naming rookies to the competition? I don’t mind the rule, but there are some other teams on this list who have a rookie that deserve to go. (New York Islanders and Mathew Barzal, much?) We know that Horvat is injured, but the guy has 20 points in 28 games played this year. Send Bo, cause Bo knows…his way around. He can show Boeser the ropes before Brock is the new defacto pick from Vancouver for the next 10-years.

Chicago Blackhawks: Corey Crawford (injured)
Named: Patrick Kane

It’s odd to see Chicago only get one pick for the All-Star game. How the mighty have fallen. Kane is an easy pick to make. Injury aside, Crawford is another slam dunk easy decision. With a 2.27 GAA and 0.929 SV%, he’s one of the best shot-stoppers in the league right now.

Florida Panthers: Roberto Luongo (injured)
Named: Aleksander Barkov

We all wanted to see Roberto Luongo at the All-Star game. With a 2.61GAA and .928SV% through 15 games played Luongo was well on his way. Until he got injured against the Islanders early in the year. Barkov is a fine pick, but Luongo would have been someting else.

Arizona Coyotes: Paul Bissonnette (We know, he doesn’t play)
Named: Oliver Ekman-Larsson

The Coyotes are terrible. A dumpster fire mixed with a school bus fire. It’s as bad as can be. So why send anyone (we know they have to). How about BizNasty? He’s IN the Coyotes organization as a radio guy. He’ll be entertaining, we’re sure he can still lace them up and play. So why not? Embrace the gimmickery of the weekend and send a character to entertain us all. Because we all know the games won’t.


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