Our most recent NHL podcast is now up and ready for your consumptions. This week we brought on Ottawa Sun writer Don Brennan all the way from Philadelphia to discuss the Ottawa Senators.

What are the Ottawa Senators going to do? On this weeks Ridin Pine Show NHL podcast we ask Ottawa Sun’s Don Brennan just that. Are they going to buy, are they going to sell? What’s the plan?

(I swear we talk about the Senators every other week. I guess that’s what happens when you bring on a Sens fan to co-host.)

Don has some good insight into what the team might do come the NHL trade deadline at the end of February. We know that Dorion is a going to do some sort of move at the deadline, but will it be in or out? And is one of them going to be Erik Karlsson?

The Other Topics This Week

    • The Calgary Flames are killing it in the Western Conference right now. Is that all thanks to their coaches outburst during practice a few weeks ago? Or does coaching just not matter at all at the NHL level?
    • Connor McDavid hit the 200 point mark in just 173 games. We try to predict his future. How many points will Connor McDavid have when he retires?
    • Harper hosts this week of Stanley Stumpers and he almost stumps us with some stellar work



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