If you’re new to NHL gambling lets introduce you to how we get our lines for our Saturday lock, dog and parlays.

To understand how the line moves in NHL gambling you’ve got to know where it starts. The opening line is what you’re looking for. It’s the line that’s set the moment bets can be placed on an event.

We won’t discuss how a line moves up or down in this post, but just where to go to see where the line starts.

We use VegasInsider.com. When you bet on a game, like say Bodog.com you dont get the opening lines. You get a few other things but not the one thing to show how the line has moved if at all.

Vegas Insider lays out the opening line to the game the second it becomes available (for all you keeners out there). So if you’re looking to get the story of who the betting line moved, this is the resource you want to consult.

mitch Mitch

Lock (-135)  edm
Dog (+105)  nyr
Parlay   stl-230 nsh-190 pit+105

harper Harper

Lock (-160)  dal
Dog (+135)  mtl
Parlay  chi -155 tbl-125 edm-175


Lock (-190)  nsh
Dog (+155)  van
Parlay  stl-230 car-115 dal-160



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