We’re into week number 12 of our NHL gambling lock, dog, parlay and we keep getting better. We collected two extra parlay wins last week. Long may that form last.

Last week was a fantastic week for our NHL gambling Lock, Dog, Parlay. Mitch got his second straight flush and Harper picked up his second parlay victory of the season. Darcy…well Darcy tried at least.

This week, we try again to recapture that form. Add our Bet Of The Night form that stands at 75% accurate and we’re lookin’ pretty.

Joining us for a second week in a row is the Commissioner of our NHL fantasy league Ray Walden!

mitch Mitch

Lock (-135)  lak
Dog (+200)  arz
Parlay   nyi+110 VGK-220 min-145

harper Harper

Lock (-220)  VGK
Dog (+120)  mtl
Parlay   sjs-220 pit-185 win+125


Lock (-220)  sjs
Dog (+160)  det
Parlay  VGK-220 dal-200 bos+140

Special Guest: Ray Walden, Comish

Lock (-135)  lak
Dog (+160)  det
Parlay   VGK-220 nyi+110 bos+140



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