The craft beer has been treating us real kind recently. Thanks entirely to Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company.

This week our craft beer is Beau’s All Natural Brewing Companies Tom Green’s Cheery Milk Stout. Another stout!

Look I know what you’re thinking. Cherry. Milk. All in a stout. How the heck is that a good thing? I know. Both Darcy and I had our apprehensions going in. Neither of us are big on stouts. Nor do we like the idea of lactose in the beer. Or even cherries for the fact.

But we trusted Beau’s. Everything else they make is great so why not this? And then we drank the suckers. And by God, for Pete’s sake, it was fantastic. (PS: I’m binging Fargo with my wife so the Minnesotian in me is coming out.)

What Beau’s Said

Tom Green Cherry Milk Stout pour black-brown with garnet highlights and an off-white head. The aroma offers dark malt notes reminiscent of mochaccino, coupled with sweet, fruity cherry inflections. The flavour imparts dark chocolate and dark roast coffee, offset by sweet dessert-like cherry intonations. The finish echoes with lingering dark malt and cherries.

Our trust was rewarded. By Paul Bunions blue Ox the beers were good. Went down reaaaal easy. So well that my wife and I are going to get some more, real soon. You need to do the same.

It’s winter. It’s cold. There’s snow. For all that’s good in the world, the temperature went from +10 to -15 within hours in Ottawa today. You deserve something that’s going to taste right as you sit around the house trying to keep warm, or dry, or rest up after digging out your driveway for the fourth time.

So go to the LCBO, Beer Store, or wherever you get beer across Canada (not just Ottawa) and get some Tom Green Milk Cherry Stout. ASAP. Please. (See I asked nice).


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