Our craft beer of the week for the first week of January is Beaus’ All Natural Brewing Company’s The Bottle Imp. A take on a Russian Imperial Stout that will be sure to please.

That’s a corny title for a craft beer review I know. But it’s what I went with because its how I felt. So you’ll just have to deal with it.

deal with it

I should probably state it at the start that I love anything Russian. I don’t know what it is. But if it says, Russian. Implies it’s from Russia or has anything to do with the word Russia, I’m all in. Like 100%.

So I was as giddy as can be to open up this Russian Imperial Stout from Beau’s. Red’s are generally my go-to beer, but stouts are starting to earn a special place in my heart. And it’s because of brews like this one.

The Beer

I’ll let Beau’s themselves explain what this stout is supposed to taste like:

The Bottle Imp is black, rich and malty, with a mouthfeel best described as liquid silk. The roasty dark malt character is complemented by fruit notes that suggest dates and figs, as well as subtle notes of black licorice. It is well-hopped to provide balance to the malts, keeping the residual sweetness in check.

For a snowy day like today, this beer is perfect. You don’t get anyone overwhelming taste. It isn’t too hoppy, you don’t feel like your drinking Sambuca (there’s black liquorice in the beer by the way) and you don’t taste coffee (yeah there’s coffee in it too).

It’s just like they say; silky smooth.

So now that you’ve dug yourself out of that snow mound the plow kindly left in front of your house AFTER you already shuffled, go and get yourself Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company’s The Bottle Imp. It’s perfect for you to sit, drink and watch the hockey game.



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