For this Saturday’s edition of Lock, Dog, Parlay, we have ourselves a special guest that’s getting into the NHL gambling hot seat with us.

Our Fantasy league Commissioner Ray Walden has joined us for this weeks edition of our NHL gambling Lock, Dog, Parlay.

Ray has done a fantastic job gifting the league to Mitch and making sure that Harper no longer has Jonathan Drouin on his roster. He’s also done a fantastic job of keeping us in check with his Vegas Golden Knights fandom. No longer can we toss shade on his favourite team.

mitch Mitch

Lock (-230)  tor
Dog (-115)  phi
Parlay  nyr -140 bos-160 col+115

harper Harper

Lock (-105)  stl
Dog (+170)  ott
Parlay   dal-145 bos-160 tor-230


Lock (-160)  bos
Dog (+110)  arz
Parlay  tbl-200 stl-105 dal-145

Special Guest: Ray Walden, Comish, ESQ

Lock (-105)  stl
Dog (+110)  arz
Parlay   tbl-200 min-135 nshEVEN



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