Are you ready for Christmas everyone? you better be it’s only two days away. As we get ready, here is our NHL gambling Lock, Dog Parlay for the last Saturday before the holiday.

Last week Darcy once again got his parlay right. That bumps him up to a 33% on his NHL gambling Parlay success rate. Pretty darn good. But I guess when you go full chalk it’s a bit easier to do. (That’s right Darcy. Maybe take a risk.)

Not only do I give you our picks, but it’s been nine weeks of Parlays so I thought I’d give you our success rate as well.

Beside our names is our overall success. That’s locks, dogs, and the success rate of our individual picks in our parlays. In the brackets next to the Locks, Dogs, and Parlays is their individual success rate. So take your pick as to who you follow.

Suggestion: See Harps for a lock (63%), Mitch for dogs (63%), and Darcy for a good parlay pick with his 33%.

mitch Mitch [60%]

Lock (-265) [38%] tbl
Dog (+190) [63%] buf
Parlay [25%]  cbj-200 bos-200 wsh+130

harper Harper [50%]

Lock (+160) [63%] mtl
Dog (+190) [38%] buf
Parlay [0%]  VGK-135 tbl-265 stl-155

darcynewDarcy [50%]

Lock (-155) [63%] stl
Dog (+130) [38%] wsh
Parlay [33%] edm-185 chi-115 cbj-200

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