This week on the show we had Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company’s Dunkel craft beer. A Bavarian style dark beer that’s as smooth as silk.

Guess what, Dunkel is part of Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company’s Winter Mix. Four craft beers packaged together for your drinking pleasure. Dunkel isn’t my favourite in the pack, but it’s a good second. (We’ll get to my fav in the weeks to come.)

Dunkel is a dark beer. It’s right there in the name. It pours as coffee dark with an equally dark foamy head.I know. You’re thirsty now, right? I sure am. Here’s the official write up from our sponsors Beau’s on Dunkel.

Among the most appropriately named styles of beer, the term “dunkel” is the German word for “dark.” Dunkel’s history stretches back to the Bavarian Purity Act of 1516, which decreed that brewers use only barley, hops and water in beer-making – clearing a path for the dunkel, which met both these standards and satisfied the palates of the people of Munich. This traditional Bavarian lager rose in prominence, with a legacy that remains to this day. Dunkel is luscious and toasty in flavour, yet with smooth lager crispness.

This beer is absolutely smooth. We commented on the show that the brew went down nice and easy with a nice caramel finish. Even though there is absolutely no caramel used in the brewing of this beer.

We drank these in a glass, but we wish we had some steins as suggested by Beau’s. So make sure you do that when you inevitably drink yours during the holidays.


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