Last week we only dropped only four of our 15 picks. That’s a 73% success rate on our NHL gambling picks.

We were told at the start of the season that NHL gambling wasn’t a possible practice. You can’t make money gambling on the NHL. We’ll where the haters now?

Hitting 73% of our picks over the weekend is a great accomplishment. Lead by none-other than Mitch “The Expert” Anderson. The quotations are on purpose. We all know what type of expert he is.

To try and keep up the momentum here are the boys picks for this Saturday’s game.

mitch Mitch

Lock (-170) pit
Dog (+120) win
Parlay   cbj-110 nsh-110 ana+130

harper Harper

Lock (+120) lak
Dog (+150) arz
Parlay  mtl -105 dal+100 tbl-175


Lock (-110) cbj
Dog (+155) col
Parlay  pit-170 phi-120 wsh-150



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