With the NHL 100 Classic soon coming to the nation’s capital. We wanted to put out our fantasy lineups for this game.

The idea here for our NHL 100 classic fantasy lineup was to think of six players we’d like to see go to the alumni game that probably won’t be invited. We’ll do a team at a time. Today is the Ottawa Senators.

We picked players for whatever reason, good or bad. But the only criteria was that they had to play for the team and couldn’t already be invited to the game.

These players have to be in the pile of misfit toys. They did something that’s worth celebrating (however trivial) but we all know it won’t be celebrated. So we at Ridin Pine Show wanted to celebrate the unwanted.


Ottawa Senators

Sylvain Turgeon 1992-1995

Turgeon was the first forward drafted by the Ottawa Senators in the 1992 expansion draft. The Sens thought they might get some of that Turgeon family magic or some of that 79 point player from 1985-86 when he was with Hartford. They didn’t.

Turgeon put up 43 points in his first season with the Senators. But hey, 25 goals.

Neil Brady 1992-1993

He played a single season in Ottawa. So why the heck would they invite him to play alongside Alexi Yashin and Alexandre Daigle? Well, Neil holds the distinction of scoring the Ottawa Senators first modern NHL goal.

Remember the Sens were a team way back before World War I.

Andreas Dackell 1996-2001

Dackell holds the distinction of playing for both the Ottawa Senators AND the Montréal Canadiens. Dackell played five seasons with the Senators putting up 180 points in 401 games. So you know. Faaaaaar from prolific. Although he did score 50 points in a single season back in 1998-1999.

But Ottawa could only grab an eighth-rounder from the Habs as he went to Montréal in 2001. And being one of the few to make the drive down the 417 from Kanata to Montréal after a trade.


Bob Kudelski 1992-1994ish

Ottawa picked up Bob Kudelski from the Los Angeles Kings along with Shawn McCosh for Marc Fortier and Jim Thomson. Players that [ut up two points in 25 combined games for the Sens. They kept Kudelski around until the 1994 season when they flipped him to the Panthers.

In return, they got Evgeny Davydov, Scott Levins, 6th round pick in 1994 and a 4th round pick in 1994. Why? Kudelski scored 76 points in 90 games for the Senators. Some shrewd moves from the GM in terms of the quantity received back. Take a victory lap Kudelski, you done good.

Shane Hnidy 2000-2004

Can we get some love for a guy that played almost 200 games for the team? Put up only 20 points. But you know points aren’t everything right? Right?


Peter Sidorkiewicz 1992-1993

He was the Ottawa Senators first pick up in the 1992 expansion draft. he stuck it out the first year, where Ottawa was absolute garbage. Putting up a 10-70-4 record for 24 points. twenty-four.

Sidorkiewicz deserves some love from this team for dealing with the BS.


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