This week we had Beau’s All Natural Brewing company’s Killer Kvass craft beer. It’s light on alcohol, but I swear by whatever deity you pledge fieldy too this tastes better then some full alcohol beers you’ll drink.

Have you ever heard of a Kvass? If you’re from Eastern Europe or some beer drinking nut, you’ve heard of a Kvass before. But the rest of us sure as heck haven’t!

I’ll be honest, until we went to the Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company brew house last week I did two things when buying my craft beer. I look at the label and then the alcohol percentage. I don’t want to be surprised by a 7-9% alcohol beer when I’m drinking or have already consumed it. It’s too late by then. I want to know what I’m getting in store for.

If I had picked up Killer Kvass in store I might not have bought it. It’s got a great label and I know its Beau’s by the unmistakable brown tall bottle. But at 2.5% I might have gone to something different.

I don’t like light beers. It’s just something in my head. Growing up my dad would by light beer because it was cheaper. We didn’t have much money growing up. Now a grown man with a comfortable financial situation I can buy full alcohol beer!

But after trying it on air this week I will 100% pick this up when I see it on the shelf.

I’ll let Beau’s official write up on Killer Kvass explain what it is we had:

Killer Kvass is inspired by traditional kvass, a fermented beverage made from dried rye bread and flavoured with fruits, raisins or herbs. Kvass has been an Eastern European staple for hundreds of years, and is typically made to be highly refreshing and low in alcohol. Killer Kvass was brewed using 70 kilograms of organic rye bread croutons, organic lemon peel and organic raisins.

Killer Kvass was exactly as stated: highly refreshing. It was crisp. And it didn’t feel like I was drinking a 2.5% beer. It actually drank like a full alcohol beer. It had all of the characteristics of a full alcohol beer, but none of the drawbacks….like that extra 2%.

Darcy and Harper said they’d add fruit. And if that suit your fancy go for it. I wouldn’t. I don’t like Radlers for all that Grapefruit. Killer Kvass is perfect substitute for those of you who like the low alcoholic content of Radlers but could do without all the fruit.


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