When it comes to NHL fantasy it’s impossible to stockpile all the best players in the league. So to win your pool or daily fantasy competition it’s important to find some productive lower value players. Here’s five to watch.

A quarter of the NHL season has passed and it’s been months since we’ve all made our initial drafts for our fantasy teams. And some players that were initially ranked low might have made some incredible strides this season.

The goal was to identify a player that likely wasn’t selected in the initial drafting way back at the start of the season and that, based on current production should have been.

 Nazim Kadri | Toronto Maple Leafs (Harper)

Yahoo!: 112/47

Toronto Maples Leafs second line center is having one of those seasons. With 23 points in 28 games the London, ON native is on pace for his best statistical season to date. It took Kadri a few years to prove himself, but he’s starting to flourish under Mike Babcock. It helps that he’s got William Nylander on his wing.

If you’re playing Yahoo! fantasy and he isn’t taken you should consider it. He’s scoring at a rate of 0.82 points per games, he’s getting just over two shots per game on average, and is a +/- 6. He doesn’t take as many penalties, but he’ll get you points in at least three offensive categories.

 Dustin Brown | Los Angeles Kings (Darcy)

Yahoo: 336/45

For years Dustin Brown has been the shade of the player he used to be. Dusting Brown used to be a premier two-way player. He never got any significant Selke love – finishing a highest 43 for the award – but his play off the puck and tenacity mixed with some considerable finishing skills turned to Los Angeles Kings into two-time Stanley Cup champions.

But even before that second cup, Brown’s production nose-dived. He used to be a 50-60 point player, but by 2012-2013 he’d dropped to a 20-30 point player. That wasn’t enough to warn Dean Lombardi as the ex-LA GM gave Brown an eight-year $47 million deal.

But this season, Brown has bounced back after barely earning that $5.875 million cap hit. We’ll see if he earns it this season, but through 27 games Brown already has 21 points. That’s well over half of what he got last season through 80 games.

 Josh Anderson | Columbus Blue Jackets (Mitch)

Yahoo!: 362/92

Where did this guy come from? We’ve all seen his name before, but there’s a reason he ranked 362nd overall at the start of the season on Yahoo’s draft board. He’s spent a season or more at the NHL level and produced a total of 33 points.

He shouldn’t have been popping in ten goals through 27 games this season. Let alone another seven points. Anderson is on pace for 56 points this season. Assuming he plays all 82.

If Anderson hasn’t been picked up yet, do so. This guy is going to put up points. And man is he going to put up shots. He’s already at 81 on the season. Averaging him out to over three shots on goal a game. He isn’t getting anything of not on the power play, but as the season grows I expect that to change.


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