We can’t wait to open the Winter Mix craft beer our sponsor Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company sent us. But in the meantime, we’re trying an exclusive beer called Gravity Well.

If you missed it Ridin Pine Show went to the Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company this week.We got see to see their entire craft beer operation. Try some new beers. And even get our hands on some exclusive brews. Like Gravity Well.

During our Beau’s brewery tour, our man Harper picked up Gravity Well. An exclusive beer that’s only available at certain pubs, Beau’s tap room, home delivery, and select retailers in Ontario and Québec.

Gravity Well is a complex sour made in collaboration with Halcyon Barrell House.

To create Gravity Well, Halcyon ferments its red ale in oak red wine barrels with a mix of different yeasts and bacteria, and aged it in those barrels for various lengths of time. As the barrels each takes on different flavours, the brewmaster custom-blends each batch of Gravity Well from this in-house supply.

Sour are exactly what they sound like. They go some tart. So don’t be surprised if you when you drink this you pucker up a bit. It’s all part of the experience.

Our man Harper absolutely loved this beer though. He called it a “Sour Patch Kids for adults”. Which is great for me, cause the SPK is my absolute all-time favorite candy.

So if you’re looking for something to do this Sunday, how about a drive out to the brewhouse in Vankleek Hill to pick up one of these Halcyon Gravity Well beers? And as always, make sure Ridin Pine sent you.


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