It’s been two weeks where one of us has maximized their NHL gambling picks by getting two of their three team parlays 100% right. It’s never been done in Ridin’ Pine history before.

In a truly groundbreaking feet – for us at least – Darcy “The Agent” has both of his last two NHL gambling three-team parlays 100% right. We’ve hit on our parlay’s before, just not in consecutive weeks.

That’s what Darcy did. And he won’t let it go. To be fair to him, it’s impressive. I’m impressed and so should you.

So take note of our picks (and maybe Darcy’s specifically) this week.

mitch Mitch

Lock (-140) cgy
Dog (+100) arz
Parlay   pit-230 fla +125 ana+180

harper Harper

Lock (+100) stl
Dog (-140) wsh
Parlay  mtl -165 tor-140 njd-120


Lock (-230) pit
Dog (+130) edm
Parlay  mtl-165 fla +125 bos-110

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