I know I said in this week’s podcast that I don’t like picking the Buffalo Sabres but I just couldn’t help but pick a home dog taking on an injured Pittsburgh Penguins. So that’s tonight’s NHL gambling bet of the night.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are just above the playoff line with 29 points on the season. They’ve gone 4-4-1 in their last ten games and are a -16 in total. It’s not what you expect from a two-time Stanley Cup Champion.

Although to be fair to the Penguins they’ve played a ton of hockey over the past few seasons, what with going to the cup finals twice and all. So a drop off in their performance is expected. As is a few injuries.

Going into Buffalo tonight the Penguins are without forward goaltender Matt Murray.  Now they still have Sidney Crosby and Phil Kessel, but without the aforementioned injured player they’re clearly weaker. Hopefully, Buffalo can take advantage of that.

The Line
PIT -165 @ BUF +155

By the time I put money down on the game the line for Buffalo had walked down to +120, echoing how I feel about the game. By no means is Buffalo a good team. They shouldn’t be favored in this game.

Buffalo are 3-8-1 at home and 1-5-1 against Metropolitan Division opponents. Again, they aren’t good. But even bad teams win games. (See the Arizona Coyotes). This one feels like a winnable game for Buffalo.

It’s at home. The Penguins are banged up, and they’re in a poor run of form. This is the perfect game for the Sabres to get some momentum and save some face as they try not to embarrass themselves this season.


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