Today the New Jersey Devils made a move to acquire a player that the Edmonton Oilers could have desperately used. So we wanted to look at how the Oilers could have picked up a good young defender. You know, exactly what Chiarelli is looking for.

So the New Jersey Devils went and traded Adam Henrique, Joseph Blandisi, and a third round pick in 2018 to the Anaheim Ducks for Sami Vatanen. A young solid right-handed defenseman.

Exactly what the Devils can use to round out their roster of overachieving misfits. And Ray Shero got him for a bargain. Well, maybe not a bargain. But a good and fair price. The Devils got better and the Ducks got better down the middle. Win-win.

Leaving poor ol’ Peter Chiarelli looking in from the outside wondering what he could have done to land the Finnish defender. Cause, you know, Vatanen was exactly what Chiarelli was looking for. A young defender, right-handed (although handedness didn’t really matter), and, more importantly, HE’S GOOD!

So what could have Edmonton and Chiarelli given up to get him?

Our Trade Proposals

harperHARPER: I’d say Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and a second-rounder and that’s it.

darcynewTHE AGENT: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Yamamoto and a 1st. None conditional that could be a lottery pick

mitch MITCH: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Kailer Yamamoto, 2018 1st

I think were all pretty much on the same boat. If Adam Henrique was the blue chip in this deal, then it was going to take at the very least Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to leave Edmonton for a deal to at least get started. Both he and Henrique have similar number, although RNH has a bit more upside being a 24 year old.

Both Darcy and I tossed in a first round-pick. I’m sure we could convince Harper to do the same. Why and how?

There are two factors for this. The first being that this trade would be in the division. Something I’m sure Bob Murray wouldn’t be keen on doing. If he’s going to help a divisional rival he’s got’s to get compensated for it. And if anything the Oilers aren’t going to run away with the league. They’ll finish 16th and just scrap into the playoffs with the hole they’ve dug for themselves.

The second is that Peter Chiarelli is desperate. Like, he’s so desperate that the word desperate doesn’t do it justice. But Sami Vatanen is exactly what Chiarelli needs and Murray certainly knew that. Look, Chiarelli’s big defensive acquisition outside of Larsson was Kris Russell. And if any one was watching the Edmonton-Toronto game on Thursday night, you’ll know how that ended for Russell.

I feel for Edmonton fans. I do. It’s tough to see your team get dragged through the mud so often, to then somehow break the mold and see he sunlight. Only to fall right back into another deeper puddle of mudd (extra ‘d’ on purpose).


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