The NHL schedule is trying to make up for the lull in games on Thanksgiving with a full slate for your NHL gambling habits.

Every Saturday we give you three sets of locks, dogs, and three-team parlays for your insatiable NHL gambling habits. You’re welcome.

Last week Darcy got his three team parlay of Dallas, Los Angeles, and Nashville spot on. Putting him at 20% in terms of success rate through five weeks. Let’s see if he can continue his success rate through two weeks.

Two of us took the Islanders in our parlay. They weren’t favored by Vegas as John Tavares and his boys are on the road in back-to-back nights after a 5-4 OT win in Philadelphia just last night.

mitch Mitch

Lock (-140) stl
Dog (+100) wsh
Parlay   det-120 nyi +105 lak-145

harper Harper

Lock (-170) mtl
Dog (+105) arz
Parlay  tbl +100 nyi+105 col-115


Lock (-115) cgy
Dog (+120) det
Parlay  sjs-129 chi -105 stl-140

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