This weekends NHL Gambling edition of Lock, Dog, Parlay features everyone going pretty chalk. Especially Darcy.

Every weekend we provide you something different for your NHL Gambling needs. That’s right needs.

Not only will we give you our DraftKings Daily Fantasy lineup for Saturday games, But We give you each our lock for the night, a dog we think can win, and a three-team parlay to, hopefully, make some cash this weekend.

Of the three guys, Mitch took the biggest risk. But to be fair that’s simply because none of his favorites were -185 on the night.

Let us know how you fare this weekend!

mitch Mitch

Lock (-140) lak
Dog (+160) nyi
Parlay (+585) buf +140 pit -150 stl -140

harper Harper

Lock (-185) tbl
Dog (+100) mtl
Parlay (+452) pit -150 min+115 nsh-185


Lock (-200) ott
Dog (+125) bos
Parlay (+375) dal-125 lak -140 nsh-185



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