It’s Friday night and there are only two games on the scheduled for tonight. Making my NHL gambling choice a little more difficult. Go with the hot-and-not New York Rangers or the “has to win at some point” Buffalo Sabres?

I’ll cut right to the chase. I picked to the Buffalo Sabres in tonight’s NHL gambling Bet Of The Night. There’s a few reasons for that so let me explain.

The first being that I don’t trust the Rangers. They started off the season as badly as they possibly could. Quickly finding themselves at the bottom of the almost insurmountable Metropolitan Division. And almost finding themselves with a new coach. Almost.

Because then the Rangers go and do the improbable and slap together a six game winning streak. Putting them right back in contention with the rest of the division.

I don’t trust, nor do I like the New York Rangers. Even at +125 opening line I’ll pass.

Bet Of The Night

NYR +125 @ -145 CBJ
BUF +140 @ -160 DET Bet of the Night

But a Buffalo Sabres side who should be better then they are, versus divisional rival who should be worse then they are, and at an opening +140. I’ll take that! Thank you!

I know that the Buffalo back end is bleak and they could probably use a guy like Rasmus Dahlin, but is that going to be enough for the Sabres? They have enough talent upfront that they should at least be closer to the 0.500 mark then they are. With that team, they shouldn’t have a-21 goal differential.

And with three loses in a row Jack Eichel is going to be hot under the collar to change things for the Sabres. Against a divisional rival, tonight should be the night. Because lets face it, Detroit are supposed to be terrible. They aren’t supposed to be challenging for the playoffs.


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