After a night off to get by leg inked, it’s time to get back into some NHL gambling with the bet of the night for November 15th. Today’s bet is on a bitter hated rival.

I hate wishing success on my sports rivals. I don’t wish them ill, but I don’t want them to do well either. Sometimes in NHL gambling you’ve just got to bite the “homer pride” and go with the team that’s going to win. And sometimes that means betting for a hated rival team to win.

For me that’s the New York Rangers. As a New York Islanders fan there isn’t a team that I despise more. As a Canadian, the Toronto Maple Leafs are a close second. But the Rangers take the cake.

The fact that they’ve been so good in recent years. That they’re an economic power house in the league (Forbes placed them as the highest valued franchise in the NHL). While my Islanders don’t seem comfortable with the word success and are very much at the lower spectrum of the economics success totem pole.

But on the road against the Chicago Blackhawks the Rangers at an opening +110 are a good bet to make.

CGY -110 @ -110 DET
NYR +110 @ -130 CHI Bet of the Night
BOS +105 @ -125 ANA

Bet Of The Night

The Rangers are the hot team in the league right now. With six wins in a row and an 8-2-0 record over their last ten, they’re quickly eroding the hole they dug at the start of the season.

Once very much on the hot seat, coach Alain Vigneault looks pretty safe now.

The Chicago Blackhawks is another matter. Over their last 10 they’re 4-6-0 and sit one point above the Avalanche who have two games in hand. Has Stan Bowman finally come to the end of his rope? Has coach Q run out of magic to turn no name players into household names? It sure looks like it.

It’s never too early or too late to jump on a streak. So that’s why I’ve got the Rangers making it to seven-in-a-row. And I hate myself for writing it.


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