Every Saturday we give you a new angle for NHL gambling with our lock, dog, parlays. After a parlay win last week Mitch is hoping to keep the streak going.

Betting on a single game is ok. It’s easy but ok. But on Saturday nights the NHL schedule a ton of games. And we’d be insane not to try and string some NHL gambling parlay’s together.

So that’s exactly what we did with our lock dog parlay segment.

Every week Darcy, Harper, and Mitch give you a Lock (a guaranteed winner), a Dog (an underdog that is a guaranteed winner), and a three-team parlay.

Last week Mitch got his parlay dead right with a call for Washington, Colorado, and Arizona to win. But looking at his picks this week he’s gone all chalk.

mitch Mitch

Lock (-160) stl
Dog (-145) bos
Parlay (+356) njd -135 sjs -190 car -140

harper Harper

Lock (+205)* ott
Dog (-105) det
Parlay (+537) nyi +140 phi-130 mtl-200


Lock (-190) sjs
Dog (+115) fla
Parlay (+1013) det-105 win -115 ott+205*

*early game. Had to bet live



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