It was the first time in three nights that the NHL Scores didn’t go our way. Like every NHL team, you can’t win ’em all.

It was a failed hat trick. With three games on the schedule, the NHL scores didn’t fall in line with what we wanted. A single loss out of our last three attempts is still a great return.

Last night’s bet of the night was the Boston Bruins to win over the New York Rangers. Even though the Rangers were a -150 to win at home. But if any line was to go our way it was that one.

MIN +125 2 @ 4 -145 TOR
BOS +130 2 @ 4 -150 NYR Bet Of The Night
TBL -105 5 @ 1 -115 SJS Best Return

The way that Minnesota is playing I wouldn’t take them to down the high-flying Toronto Maple Leafs at home. They should be a better defensive, but that hasn’t been proven true just yet.

Boston was the only hope to bring in more than our stake. Tampa was the safe bet to take against the Sharks, but at -105 the return wasn’t very enticing. Oh well.

Bet Of The Night

We didn’t take the Minnesota Wild last night, why do we all of a sudden have faith in them now? Because they’re playing the Montréal Canadiens.

CHI -105 @ -115 PHI
EDM -125 @ +105 NJD
MIN +125 @ -145 MTL Bet Of The Night
ARZ +195 @ -235 STL
DET +145 @ -165 CGY
VAN +125 @ -145 ANA
TBL +115 @ -135 LAK

I’m tempted to look at that Tampa game, because at this point they just look too good to lose. But the Kings at home are pretty solid. And Tampa is on a back-to-back.

My money is on the Wild to win against the hapless Habs. Harper isn’t a fan of this bet. But whatever. I know they’ve won three in a row. But they’ll slow down. it’s going to happen.

I still think they might just miss out on the playoffs. And the slide continues with dropping points at home against the Wild.


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