It’s Friday! That means its time for this weeks featured craft beer: the Spice Principle. It admittedly bold, but hot darn its good.

Ok. We like craft beer. Like a lot. And the Spice Principle from our sponsor Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co is no different. It’s a bold tasting and flavored beer, but if you’re looking for something different you can enjoy tonight as you binge-watch Stranger Things 2, this is the one.

Disclaimer. I don’t think I’ve tasted a craft beer I don’t like. I’m not usually like that. (Here’s a “get to know me” moment). I’m not a “I like everything guy”. I seldom like movies. Most are just “OK”. I have strong opinions on most matters of the day, from the important political questions to the downright insane. Like how many times one should sneeze before it’s an issue. (Seriously).

And this Spice Principle is no exception to my love of craft beer. It’s fantastic. And you wouldn’t immediately think so when you see that there are 12 organic spices in this beer. That’s right. Twelve.

No need to load up your mortar and pestle – we’ve done it for you. The Spice Principle puts to use a bounty of 12 organic spices to intensify the lively flavour profile in this “spice weiss” – an imaginative take on the German-style weissbiere.

1. Coriander
2. Turmeric
3. Cumin
4. Fenugreek
5. Cayenne
6. Black Pepper
7. Yellow Mustard
8. Ginger
9. Cinnamon
10. Cardamom
11. Cloves
12. Nutmeg

Until this beer I had never heard the words Fenugreek or Cardamom. Although both sound like new age Pokémon. Now I know that Fenugreek and Cardamom are spices from the Indian sub-continent. And I only have Beau’s to thank for that introduction.

So see, not only do you get to drink great amazing beer. But you learn something too. You’re welcome.


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