Because I had a parlay with late games I was watching NHL scores all night. The drama was real and my wife still doesn’t get why I was sweating profusely while staring at my phone.

I tried to tell her that I was watching NHL scores to figure out if I had won my parlay. I don’t tell her much about the gambling side of my NHL fandom, and she doesn’t care to ask.

I already knew my first half of the parlay was in. Montréal pulled off a big win against the Florida Panthers, as they seem to do on a yearly basis. The 5-1 drubbing was necessary for a Montréal team dreadfully low on confidence.

My stress was over the Calgary Flames leaving it till late to show up in their game against the Nashville Predators. They scores two in the final frame to push the game to overtime. And in the extra frame made it 3-2. And made me quite happy.

ANA (+105) 6 @ 2 (-110) PHI
TBL (-115) 5 @ 1 (-105) CAR
ARI (+160) 3 @ 5 (-180) NYI
EDM (+135) 1 @ 2 (-155) PIT
FLA (+110) 1 @ 5 (-130) MTL Parlay Bet Of The Night
DET (+125) 0 @ 1 (-145) BUF
LAK (+120) 3 @ 2 (-140) OTT
VAN (+160) 1 @ 0 (-185) MIN Best Return

CGY (+125) 3 @ 2 (-145) NAS Parlay Bet Of The Night
DAL (-130) 4 @ 5 (+110) COL
CHI (-165) 2 @ 4(+140) VGK

For those of you that saw a Vancouver win, cheers. With a +165 at time of opening that’s one tasty line.

Bet Of The Night

CGY (+135) @ (-155) STL Bet Of The Night
BUF (+180) @ (-220) CBJ

I’m doubling down on Calgary. Because I have no faith in the Buffalo Sabres what so ever. They played last night at home and won 1-0 against an equally terrible Detroit team. With back to back games and traveling 1,097 miles, I don’t see the Sabres winning back to back games. Possible sure, but at +185 I’m still gun shy. If we were talking +200 I’d be too tempted.

But with Calgary, there’s a team there that can make even Eddie Lack look OK in nets. And they’re going to have to. The Flames defense has been good for a few years and with Travis Hamonic their top four is fantastic. Their offense is equally impressive with Johnny Gaudreau leading them with 12 points in nine games.

I’ve got the Flames, again,  at +135 tonight.


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