Last nights NHL scores were a flip of what I thought they might be. Guess you just can’t trust the Toronto Maple Leafs to lose when they should.

There are only two NHL scores to report from last night. The fact that the Toronto Maple Leafs won against the Los Angeles Kings, and the San Jose Sharks compiled the New York Rangers misery in this early 2017-18 NHL season.

I stayed away from the Rangers game thinking that they’d win this one. Both teams look bad but at home, it was hard to think that the Ranger wouldn’t win this one. Maybe it’s time to add a bit more than narrative to my pre-game analysis.

SJS (+105) 4 @ 1 (-110) NYR -Best Return
LAK (+140) 2 @ 3 (-160) TOR Bet Of The Night

But leave it to the Maple Leafs to get the only factor that could have won the Kings the game off the ice. With a hit to the head down in the crease at the end of the first period, Jonathan Quick was out and Darcy Kuemper was in. And they won. 3-2.

The play doesn’t look dirty so I’m being a bit of a poor sport here. The only way I thought that Toronto could win this game was if Jonathan Quick wasn’t playing. And within the first period he was out. Great.

Bet Of The Night

It’s a p-p-p-parlay! Just because of the sheer volume of games tonight I’ve decided to put a wage on both the Montréal Canadiens and the Calgary Flames to win.

ANA (+105) @ (-110) PHI
TBL (-115) @ (-105) CAR
ARI (+160) @ (-180) NYI
EDM (+135) @ (-155) PIT
FLA (+110) @ (-130) MTL Parlay Bet Of The Night
DET (+125) @ (-145) BUF
LAK (+120) @ (-140) OTT
VAN (+160) @ (-185) MIN
CGY (+125) @ (-145) NAS Parlay Bet Of The Night
DAL (-130) @ (+110) COL
CHI (-165) @ (+140) VGK

Carey Price is getting the chance to redeem himself or at the very least proove that he’s an NHL caliber goalie. And I fully well expect him to take that chance and run with in against a middling Florida Panthers team.

And I know that Calgary are the underdogs against the Predators, as they should, but I just think that Calgary’s defense matches that of the Predators, but their offense is a step above. Sam Bennett won’t be this bad for long. (I hope).


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