Do you like dark beers? No. Well, you’re missing out on this Beau’s craft beer. Sergeant Stripes is an outstanding stout.

When people hear “dark beer” they immediately think of Guinness. Like that’s the only dark beer in the world. It isn’t. You’ve got dark beer blinders on. Case and point this beauty craft beer stout from our sponsors Beau’s All Natural Brewing co.

When Harper said we were gonna have some stout I wasn’t sure what I was going to get. And then he said it had coffee in it. And I was even more hesitant.

We record late. We hit the record button or at least producer Brian hits the record button at 9pm. So coffee running through my system that late might not be the best thing for my beauty sleep. I’m old ok. (I’m not, but I like to pretend like I am).

But you know what? I slept like a baby. No problems at all.

Oh! Yeah! And the beer! The beer was amazing. I drank it pretty darn quick. Here’s the official write up from Beau’s on this stout:

Sergeant Stripes is a malty export stout. This 7.9% ABV stout is as dark as a winter sky over the Canadian Shield. With a moderate perceived bitterness to complement its roasted malt warmth, Sergeant Stripes is engineered to be a well-rounded stout.

Like Beau’s says. It’s a bit bitter. But the bitterness is by no means overwhelming or even that present. It’s there. It’s a stout. It’s like saying Harper is watching hockey. We all know he’s watching the Habs. That’s just a fact. He might be flipping through other games, but he’s primarily watching the Habs.

I loved it, and I don’t generally like stouts.


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