The latest Ridin’ Pine Show NHL podcast is now up and ready for you to agree with all of our NHL hot takes.

The 2017-18 NHL season is only a few weeks old but already some NHL coaches are on the hot seat. The boys at Ridin Pine in their weekly NHL podcast try to figure out what NHL coach is actually on the hot seat.

The three names we could come up with are Alain Vigneault, Pete DeBoer, and Claude Julien. Although to be fair both DeBoer and Julien haven’t been there that long.

DeBoer has been there just over two seasons now, but his San Jose Sharks look like shades from the team that made the Stanley Cup playoffs just two seasons ago. Maybe as the Sharks transition to a new core, they do so with a new voice behind the bench?

Claude Julien was hired just in February and has about four months of NHL season under his belt for the Habs. So why is he on the hot seat?

That’s how hot Marc Bergevin’s seat is. We all know that GM’s both hire and fire coaches. So if Marc Bergevin can gain some longevity by blaming his coach you can bet you’re bottom dollar he’s going to do it.


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