Last nights NHL scores showed that anything can happen in the NHL and nothing is a sure thing. Case and point the Vancouver Canucks.

For those that didn’t watch yesterday’s games or haven’t had time to follow-up with their favorite highlight show in the morning. The NHL scores were not what I had expected them to be.

I put money on the Colorado Avalanche continuing their current winning ways and taking two points from divisional rival Nashville Predators. They didn’t. In fact, they lost emphatically 4-1 to the Stanley Cup runner-ups.

What’s worse is that I went out of my way to say that there’s no way no how the Vancouver Canucks beat the Ottawa Senators at home on Erik Karlsson’s home opener, and after the Sens trounced the West. And then my hometown Senators go and lay an egg. Lossing 3-0 to one of the worst teams in the league. C’mon guys.

TOR (+115) 2 @ 0 (-135) WAS
PIT (-115) 5 @ 4 (-105) NYR
FLA (+120) 1@ 5 (-140) PHI
VAN (+165) 3 @ 0 (-190) OTT Best Return
TBL (-115) 4 @ 5 (-105) NJD
CBJ (-105) 5 @ 2 (-115) WPG
COL 1 (+165) @ 4 (-190) NAS
ARI 1 (+175) @ 3 (-210) DAL
CAR 5 (+115) @ 3 (-135) EDM
BUF 4  (-115) @ 5 (-105) VGK
MTL 2 (+105) @ 5 (-125) SJS

The Vancouver Canucks were the best return on the night with a +165 on Bodog. Maybe just blindly trusting your instincts isn’t the best idea.

Bet Of The Night

To make up for yesterday’s essential double loss I’ve put together a two-team parlay for tonight. I’m going with a Toronto Maple Leafs win, at home, against the lowly Detroit Red Wings and a Montréal Canadiens win on the road against the Los Angeles Kings.

DET (+145) @ (-165) TOR Bet Of the Night (Parlay)
CHI (-105) @ (-115) STL
MTL (+145) @ (-165) LAK Bet Of The Night (Parlay)

The Habs CAN’T be as bad as they’ve been so far this season. Carey Price ISN’T a +3.00 GAA goaltender. He just isn’t. At the time he hasn’t been confirmed as between the pipes for the Canadiens, but in likelihood, he’ll get the start. Unless it’s somehow revealed he’s injured again.

But with Price in net, the Habs should have the ability to win the game. Look. Even the worst team has to win a few games. And Claude Julien’s Habs aren’t that bad.


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