In our second season of trying out a craft beer every night, we’re pleased to announce that Beau’s All Natural Brewery has agreed to be our sponsor.

We’ve hit the big time with a sponsor. Our love of craft beer has brought us to Beau’s All Natural, one of our favorite brewer’s in the city (or within the Ottawa region). And Beau’s graciously decided: “Hey! These guys are alright.” Or I assume that’s what they said at least.

So now Beau’s All Natural Brewery is officially sponsoring the Ridin Pine Show.

So what does that mean?

Well, obviously that means we’ll be sampling some Beau’s All Natural craft beers every week. The people at Beau’s have been nice enough not only to lend us their name but to send us some free beer!

With this partnership, the Ridin Pine Show can grow even more and reach all you beautiful people that already regularly enjoy the craft brewmasters out in Vankleek Hill, ON.

So cheers to us, cheers to you and three cheers for Beau’s All Natural Brewery!


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