It’s a long weekend in both Canada and the United States. And what better way to celebrate a day off with our craft beer of the week?

If you missed the show or the post I put up a few days ago about our craft beer of the week go back and read it. Or better, yet, tomorrow when the LCBO or whatever outlet you buy your beer from opens, go and buy some of these beauts.

This week’s featured craft beer is Beau’s All Natural’s Three Knocks. A smooth but hard hitting craft beer. I say hard hitting not because of some harsh taste on your pallet. It’s a 7.0% beer. So if you were expecting a regular level of alcohol in your beer you’ll be a bit surprised.

Don’t worry it’s not you. Your suburban or desk job life hasn’t affected your tolerance. You can probably still smash a ton of PBR. But this craft beer is much stronger. It also comes in those very Beau’s tall bottles.

So what’s the surprise you ask? Well, I thought that we were out. I thought we finished our stock. And with the long weekend ending and with work on the horizon I wanted to drown my 9-5 sorrows in a sweet sweet Beau’s Three Knocks. But, again, I thought we were out.

craft beer
The best sight. A beer fridge you thought was empty with some suds for your duds.

So when I opened the beer fridge (which was empty) except for these four beauties starring me down. It was glorious.

So cheers to all of you heading back out for work tomorrow. It was a good long weekend. I hope you gave thanks to everyone who deserved it. I hope you had all the turkey and gravy your now at least 10lbs heavier frame can handle.

Make sure to tune in next week as we chat with the guys from On The Bench. I fully well expect my game to reach the next level.


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