On this weeks episode, the guys got their hands on another beauty craft beer from the people at Beau’s All Natural.

Our craft beer of the week is Beaus All Natural Three Knocks. At first, it might seem like an unassuming. Nothing too fancy. And then you might read the write-up and might feel like it’s not approachable. But give it a shot. You’ll love it.

Our man Harper got all twisted just reading the label. In all honesty, we’re beer guys in so much that we love beer. We couldn’t tell you the difference between a Pilsner or an Ale. We just love the taste of beer.

And we love when people make beer that they’re passionate about. That’s why craft beers are so appealing.

Knock, Knock, Knock!

And this Three Knocks was yet another example in the long line of amazing craft beers out there. Again, for the uneducated like us, this beer sounds like a lot when you read the label. But when you get to taste it you’ll be treated to one of the smoothest ‘hard’ beers out there.

“Sticke Alt is a special, rare version of a German-style altbier; bigger and bolder than usual. Three Knocks features a decidedly robust but balanced blend of clean, crisp and bready malts, with an assertive hop backbone. Oaky undertones are courtesy of the oakwood aging.” –Beau’s All Natural

Three Knocks is a 7.0% beer. It’s strong simply due to its alcohol content. Maybe it’s the oakwood aging, but this dark beer is as smooth as silk. And even our man Harper, who isn’t the worlds biggest fan of dark beers enjoyed this one.

So with the long weekend coming (at least in Canada), head to your nearest location to get some of this outstanding craft beer.


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