The 2017-18 NHL season is finally upon us. I can finally engage in NHL gambling without ridicule. It feels great.

Yeah, I did some NHL gambling over the preseason. And I got laughed at it. Well, I did pretty well during that little period. I went 5-2 over a full week.

So I’ll do the laughing thank you very much.

But now the regular season is here. The rosters are set and everyone and their moms are ready to put money down on the NHL.

TOR (-110) @ (-110) WPG
STL (+165) @ (-190) PIT
CGY (+130) @ (-155) EDM Bet Of The Night
PHI (+130) @ SJS (-150)

If you want to bet these lines make sure to head over to Bodog.

There are only four games tonight as we welcome back the NHL for its 101st season. Or 99.5 season if you’re counting all those labor disputes.

St. Louis has an attractive +165 rating, but with the number of injuries they have and with the fact that they’re playing the Pittsburgh Penguins I’m going to steer clear. If the line was closer to +175 I’d think about it more.

My bet is with Calgary. Yes, they’re playing the Edmonton Oilers in a season where many are pinning them to be Stanley Cup favorites, but Calgary is no slouch.

The Battle of Alberta is going to be good for the first time in a number of years because both teams are actually good. Well, at least if you don’t spend too much time thinking about Mike Smith being the Flames number one keeper.

The Flames have great young talent up front. They have a fantastic top four defensive unit. And they added the personification of their logo in Jaromir Jagr. The Flames are going to be good. I know I didn’t take them to make the playoffs, but I might just regret that in April.


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