The 2017-18 NHL season is just days away so we thought you’d like to see our picks. From NHL standings come the end of the season to cup winners.

First up with his NHL standings at the end of the season is me! Some of my picks are a bit chalky, but with an 82 game schedule, the ability to return to the mean is incredibly likely.

A 16 game schedule like the NFL allows a team like say the Buffalo Bills to take that 3-1 start and actually do something with it. Even though no one thought they’d be any good. (For good reason, they shouldn’t).

Remember the 2016-17 Vancouver Canucks? Everyone said they’d be terrible. And eventually, we were all right. But at the start of the season, the Canucks came out of the gates flying to a 4-0-0 start. They ended with a 31-38-13 record.

mitch Mitch

tor pit


dal edm
bos wsh nsh ana
ott cbj  3 chi sjs
nyi W1  win
nyr W2  min

Yes, I write for Eyes on Isles, an all New York Islanders blog, but that team has skill. It should do well in the best division in hockey this season. Mainly because I don’t have faith in Henrik Lundqvist anymore. His 0.910 SV% and 2.74 GAA were his worst ever.

And this has to be Winnipeg’s year right? If not Paul Maurice will be fired? They just have too much young talent to not be a playoff team. I also just want it for Winnipeg.

The Stanley Cup and Other Things:

My buddy over at Tough Call decided to weigh in on our little game in our last show (linked above). Predict the Stanley Cup winner, the President’s Trophy winner, the Art Ross winner, the first coach fired, and the longest suspension, and to whom (optional). Here are mine:

Stanley Cup: Washington Capitals
President’s Trophy: Dallas Stars
Art Ross: Jamie Benn
First Coach Fired: Jared Bednar
Longest Suspension: 8 Games (Ryan Reaves)


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