This weeks craft beer is from Vankleek Hill Ontario. Home to Beau’s All Natural Beer. They make a ton of different been, but none is better than where it all started. The Lug-Tread is this week’s beer.

This season we wanted to celebrate the craft beer we drink a bit more than a simple name drop during the pod. These brewers spent some long-ass hours to craft these delicious beers, so they deserve we put a bit more effort in celebrating them.

(I say a bit more because let’s be honest, blogging about a beer isn’t the hardest job in the world. Am I right?)

This week we got ourselves some good ol’ Beau’s All Natural Lug-Tread. The beauty brew that started it all for the Beau’s brewery.

Lug-Tread is our tribute to the classic Kölsch beers of Cologne, Germany. It is versatile and well suited to any season or occasion, with satisfying, chewy malts to warm in the colder months, and a refreshing, crisp finish to quench a summer’s thirst. The tracks left in the mud from a small tractor’s Lug Tread tell the tale of honest hard work and close family ties.

We know that the Beau’s people say the beer is best paired with marinara pizza or abbey-styled cheeses. (I’m still not sure what that is.) But to us, the Lug-Tread is just a good everyday brew.

You’re coming home from work. Snap open a Lug-Tread. Just chilling on the weekend and want someone cool and a little hop. Snap open a Lug-Tread. It’s going to be better than whatever you’re drinking right now. Unless it’s a Lug-Tread.

If so cheers to you.

So for this calendar week, we’re going to be talking all about Lug-Tread. We’ll pair it with pizza. We’ll have it on a patio. Or winding down after a hard day as both your kids run circles around yelling at the top of their lungs because they just discovered screaming. (You can tell what’s going on in Casa Anderson these days with that statement).

Cheers to Beaus for this great beer. And cheers to you this week. Enjoy a cold one for whatever reason.


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