October is finally just around the corner. NHL scores once again went the way we figured and hopefully made you all some money.

Last nights NHL scores saw the Toronto Maple Leafs win against the Detroit Red Wings. A theme we’ll see a few more times before not only the regular season in through, but maybe even before this preseason is over.

Both Toronto and Detroit have split squad activities on Saturday night. Detroit isn’t big enough to fill a single roster with enough NHL talent to win enough games. What makes us think they could do that on TWO fronts? They can’t.

Last Night’s NHL Scores

FLA (+110) 1 @ 3 MTL (-135)
NYI (+105) 3 @ 1 BUF (-130)
TOR (+110) 4 @ 3 DET (-130) Bet of The Night
WAS (-120) 1 @ 3 CAR (+105)

Our Bet Of The Night was that Toronto take the victory on the road. Which they did. Thank to that wonderful trio of Mitch Marner, William Nylander and Auston Mathews.

Both the Islanders and Hurricanes were the other underdogs to get wins. Although to be fair to the Islanders the only reason they were underdogs was because of home ice advantage. They had a full NHL team on the ice. Even in the regular season the Sabres will have a hard time competing against that.

I should have continued betting against the Capitals in the preseason. It was a strategy I sued to great effect earlier in the preseason. I just felt like eventually my luck was going against me. Someone sound the risk aversion klaxon! It’s a thing. I think.

Bet of The Night

If you’re going to place a bet make sure to hit up Bodog.ca.

As with every Saturday the NHL has a full schedule of games on hand. All of them seem about right just with an initial look. Except for that Winnipeg Calgary game.

CBJ (+150) @ PIT (-180)
DET (+120) @ TOR (-145)
OTT (+105) @ MTL (-125)
TOR (-135) @ DET (+115)
DAL (+135) @ MIN (-160)
TBL (EVEN) @ NAS (-125)
BOS (+150) @ CHI (-185)
WPG (+120) @ CGY (-145) Bet of The Night
ARI (+170) @ SJS (-210)
EDM (-140) @ VAN (+120)
ANA (+105) @ LAK (-130)

We said it on the podcast this week there’s something about the Winnipeg Jets that we all like. Maybe its that insane upfront combo of Patrik Laine, Mark Scheifele, And Nikolaj Ehlers. Maybe it’s we think this is finally the place where Steve Mason can get back to his Calder winning days.

It’s not that we don’t like Calgary. Calgary’s a fine team. But in this specific instance I’m willing to put some money (literally) on the Jets leaving Canadian oil country with a meaningless preseason ‘W’.


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