It was my first parlay of the season so I was watching NHL scores fervently all night long. As any degenerate gambler does. Am I right? That’s what I’ve learned from my time with Kevo at least.

I had to stay up late to keep up with live NHL scores with money on the line for the outcome of the Colorado Vegas game. And man was I ever pleased with myself. It took a shootout in Nashville to decide the first half of the bet, but a win’s a win baby!

Remember that last night’s Bet of The Night was for both the Columbus Blue Jackets and Colorado Avalanche to win. Neither were favored to win their game at +120 when the lines opened at the start of the day.

BOS (+110) 1 @ 5 PHI (-135)
CHI (-110) 4 @ 2 DET (-110)
TBL (-115) 2 @ 5 FLA (-105)
CBJ (+120) 4 @ 3 NAS (-145) Two Team Parlay/Best Return
MIN (+110) 3 @ 2 STL (-135)
CGY (-105) 1 @ 3 VAN (-115)
COL (+120) 4 @ 2 VGK (-145) Two Team Parlay/Best Return
SJS (+110) 0 @ ANA 3 (-130)

Based on the scores they were both the best return for the night. And I put em’ together. These posts are starting to sound pretty pompous… Aren’t they?

I’ll calm that down going forward because the bigger I build myself the bigger the fall when I place a bet on a line that is an absolutely horrendous call. So more hubris going forward from me!

Bet of The Night

FLA (+110) @MTL (-135)
NYI (+105) @ BUF (-130)
TOR (+110) @DET (-130) Bet of The Night
WAS (-120) @ CAR (+105)

I was impressed with Florida’s 5-2 home win over the Tampa Bay Lightning last night, but I’m not confident they can get a result in Montréal. I know Montréal still isn’t playing either Price or Pacioretty, but a back-to-back on the road is

I know Montréal still isn’t playing either Price or Pacioretty, but a back-to-back on the road is going to be tough. And it’s still preseason. Coaches can still send out a number of prospects to get a few laps rather than tire out vets they’ll need for games that matter in a weeks time.

My money’s on Babcock and his boys tonight against a Detroit team that has absolutely nothing going for it. The Leafs goaltending outside of Andersen is a worry, but they have so much going forward that they should easily overwhelm a lackluster Detroit team.

Did I mention I think Detroit’s going to be terrible this season? Cause they are. They’ll be terrible. Detroit. They’ll be bad. There. I said it three times now.



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