After last night’s NHL Scores came in our little NHL gambling campaign in 2017-18 has gone 4-for-6 so far. Not too shabby. Maybe you should tell some friends.

As I recorded another podcast I do I watched NHL scores live, and boy was I happy when the New Jersey Devils put the Washington Capitals to the sword. Racing to a 3-0 lead in the opening 20, the Devils dominated to Capitals.

This probably won’t happen in the regular season, and probably shouldn’t have happened in the preseason either. Which is why the Devils were at a +175 to win last night.

It’s hard not too feel cocky when you put money down on a very underrated underdog and the bet comes through. But that’s exactly what happened. Thankfully I had the wise words of Han Solo to ground me. RIP.

BUF (+175) 4 @ 5 PIT (-205)
NJD (+175) 4 @ 1 WAS (-215) Bet of The Night/Best Return
TOR (+155) 4 @ 2 MTL (-185)
OTT (+110) 3 @ 5 WPG (-130)
EDM (+105) 4 @ 0 CAR (-125)

The Devils were also the nights best return with a high +175 for the night. The Mapl…Marlies took the Canadiens to task last night. I’ll have to ask Harper on the pod tonight how worried he is for his precious Habitants.

Edmonton also took the game with a +105. I thought of doing a two team parlay with that. There was no reason to think that Edmonton would lose that game. And that’s the fallacy of the home-ice advantage in gambling.  It changes nothing.

Bet of The Night

BOS (+110) @ PHI (-135)
CHI (-110) @ DET (-110)
TBL (-115) @ FLA (-105)
CBJ (+120) @ NAS (-145) Two Team Parlay
MIN (+110) @ STL (-135)
CGY (-105) @ VAN (-115)
COL (+120) @ VGK (-145) Two Team Parlay
SJS (+110) @ ANA (-130)

I’m going to give it a good go on a parlay tonight. I’m going with a two team parlay with Columbus and Colorado. Since getting the opening lines in the morning the line with Vegas and Colorado has lowered to +115 for the away team.

After most NHL squads made significant cuts most teams are at their regular season rosters. So this is as close as it gets to regular season hockey when coaches don’t entirely care about the result.

Both teams should be better than their opposition. I like the Predators but without Ryan Ellis in the roster that defensive line looks a lot weaker. Especially when you consider Alexei Emelin will be absorbing more minutes.

And Colorado. Colorado shouldn’t have been that bad last season. But low-and-behold they were. I seriously think that Vegas could be worse. Vegas is having a great show this preseason, but at some point, the fun is going to end and the hardship of being an expansion team will begin.


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